Here Are The 10 Best Outdoor Winter Activities

WinterWould you like to do outdoor exercise in the winter? Do you want to work out during the winter, but don’t know what to do once you get outside?

It’s so easy to stay home and do nothing. Your home is nice, warm, and cozy.

However, you probably feel that you are missing out on something. You’re missing out on some of the best outdoor winter activities.

The top 10 outdoor winter activities

Ice skating

Women's Ice Skates

Have you ever admired the figure skaters that you see on TV? They are so graceful and their movements are so gentle. Ice skating is fun and when done right it looks effortless, but it’s definitely not easy. Figure skating is just as hard as any other sport.

However, don’t get intimidated. You don’t have to ice skate like a professional. Ice skating can be one of the most fun and exciting outdoor winter activities. If you know how to ride rollerblades, ice skating shouldn’t be a problem for you. Rollerblading and ice skating are almost the same. You only need to get used to the ice skates.

If you live by a lake that freezes in the winter, try ice skating there. Alternatively, visit a mountain resort that is near a lake. Of course, you can only do this if you have time to go on a winter holiday.

If you don’t have time to go on a winter holiday, try the cheaper version, and visit the local skating rink. It’s great that you can rent the ice skates instead of buying them on your own.



ALPS Light Weight Snowshoes for Kids

Basically, snowshoeing is walking on the snow, but with special snowshoes. These snowshoes are specially designed, so that your foot doesn’t completely sink into the snow.

Unlike some other winter sports, snowshoeing can be very cheap. You can buy your own snowshoes or rent them. Additionally, the risk of getting injured from snowshoeing is very small, unlike with ice skating or playing hockey.


Ice fishing

Secrets Of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is an activity that requires a lot more equipment than some of the other winter sports. Ice fishing may require having a spud bar or auger, rope, ice

Retractable Ice Safety Picks Eagle Claw

picks, ice cleats, jigs etc.

If you are more adventurous, and have some extra money to spend, you can organize an ice fishing adventure of your own.

If you want, you can find a club that organizes ice fishing excursions. This way, you don’t have to worry if you have the proper equipment or not. The organizer will provide the right ice fishing equipment. This includes a place to sleep over, transportation, and any equipment that you may need.

Moreover, ice fishing experts will give you advice on how to fish properly when you go there for the first time. They even do the service of cleaning the fish and delivering it to your cabin. Isn’t that great?

Winter camping

If you are an experienced camper and you want to try something new and more extreme, you should try winter camping. Remember that winter camping is very risky.

Stove In A Can

Stove In A Can

Before you decide to try an adventure like this, you must be well briefed and prepared. Unlike with regular camping, you will need a lot more equipment for winter camping. After all, it is freezing outside during the winter.

First of all, you will need three layers of clothes. You must choose the right fabrics in order to stay warm. For the first layer of clothes, go with fabrics like merino wool or synthetics. Avoid cotton, since it dries more slowly.

Having a second layer of clothes is important because its a lot easier to stay warm that way. For the second layer of clothes, use micro fleece shirts and pants. The last layer would be your waterproof or windproof layer. Stick with fabrics that will protect you from the water.

Don’t forget to get good quality winter boots that will keep your feet warm. Also bring extra food and water, a tent heater, and a sleeping bag. You will also need a light of some sort and batteries. Winter camping is kind of risky, so avoid going alone.

Cross-country skiing

Learn-to-Ski Harness

Cross-country is a Nordic skiing discipline. Unlike the downhill skiing discipline, the ski trail is flat. The basic difference between the cross-country skiing and the regular downhill skiing is how the shoe is attached to the ski. In cross-country skiing, the shoe is attached only to the front part of the ski.

Cross-country skiing is considered one of the most difficult sports in the world. Cross-country skiing activates almost every muscle of your body.

The basic equipment that you will need for this sport are skis, boots, ski bindings, and a ski pole. You will also need other equipment such as a suit, gloves, a helmet, glasses etc.

Downhill skiing

Women's Ski Boots

Downhill skiing or alpine skiing is a sport discipline that originates from Scandinavia. The difference between alpine skiing and cross-country skiing is that the ski trail is not flat, but it goes downward.

The equipment that you will need for downhill skiing is almost the same as the equipment that you need for cross-country skiing. This equipment includes skis, boots, ski bindings, and a ski pole.

However, bear in mind that there is a difference in the boots and the ski, and how they are attached together. In downhill skiing, the front and the back part of the boot is attached to the ski.



You may think that snowboarding is more dangerous than skiing, but statistics say otherwise. Research shows that people get injured during skiing way more often than during snowboarding. The equipment that you need for snowboarding is a snowboard, some boots, and a suit.



Snowmobiling is an outdoor winter activity that almost anyone will love. If you can’t afford a snowmobile, there are plenty of ski resorts where you can rent snowmobiles. Just imagine how fun it would be to drive that thing.


Skijoring Package

The word skijoring probably doesn’t sound familiar, but it’s a very interesting outdoor activity that you will love. If you have a dog that likes snow and you have a pair of skis, you can go ahead and try this activity.

The equipment necessary for skijoring includes skis and boots, special belts for you and your dog, a skijor kit, and special boots for your dog.

The first thing you need to do is to attach the skijor kit to the belts and you are ready to go. Your dog will pull you ahead. You could even organize a race with your friends and their dogs.

Winter hiking

If you love climbing and you can’t afford expensive equipment for any other winter sport, you can go hiking. You will need special boots and a pair of poles for hiking. Make sure you are in good shape since the snow makes walking more difficult.