Now You Can Snowboard Like the Pros – The Best Snowboarding Gear

The Best Snowboarding GearWinter is coming… It’s completely normal if you feel like crawling into your bed under a warm blanket. If you want to be more adventurous this winter though, you probably should give snowboarding a try.

As it turns out, snowboarding is probably the best adrenaline boosting activity you can get during the winter time. Just get the best snowboarding gear you can get, and go have fun.

Snowboarding increases your blood flow and warms you up during these low temperatures.

Nothing compares to the feeling you get seeing fresh powdered snow spraying under your snowboard. You can go snowboarding by yourself, but it is always a lot more exciting if you go together with family or friends and have fun.

If you are up for a more extreme snowboarding challenge, you can always hit the snow park and do some twists on the slopes.

Whether you are a Freeride or a Freestyle snowboarder, you have to remember one thing.

Snowboarding can be a dangerous sport, so you need to be equipped with quality snow gear.

Essential snowboarding gear

In order to snowboard you must have these three things:  a snowboard, boots and bindings.

If you are going snowboarding for the first time it is best that you rent this equipment.

First of all, renting the equipment will let you get an idea about the snowboarding style that you prefer.

After you have choosen one snowboarding style, then it is a lot easier to choose the right equipment.


Gnu Carbon Credit Wide Snowboard

Snowboards vary by shape, size and style. It is important that you choose the right shape and size for your snowboard so that you can adapt it to your snowboarding style.

Snowboards on the market can be classified as: Freeride, Freestyle and Alpine (Carving) Boards.

Each of these boards is designed to correspond to the style of snowboarding that you like best. They differ in size, shape and construction.

Freeride snowboards let you ride on diverse terrain, whether you are riding the trails or you are going Off Piste in the deep snow among the trees. Freeriding is snowboarding at its core.

Freeride boards are longer and their top is different than their tail in both size and shape. These boards are also stiffer, to allow for better stability when riding at higher speeds.

Check the legendary Flagship from Jones Snowboards, as it has been the choice of thousands of riders worldwide for two decades.

Freestyle snowboards are constructed differently than Freeride ones, so that you can ride a half-pipe and other obstacles in the snow park. You can also perform tricks and spins while you go Backcountry boarding.

Remember, freestyle snowboarding is never a good idea if you are just getting started with snowboarding. First you will need to practice riding the plain old mountain trails and get some core stability, so that you can learn to do tricks afterwards.

When you feel ready to hit the snow park, a good choice would be to get the Rossignol Rocknrolla Amptek Freestyle Snowboard. It is stiffer under the feet for pop and balance and has a softer waist for easy manipulation and control.Best of all, it offers a lifetime guarantee.


DC Men's Avaris 15 Snowboard Boot

Snowboard boots are probably the most important part of your snowboarding gear. Your boots have to feel comfortable and get your feet feeling warm inside.

When buying snowboarding boots you have to check if your feet feel tight inside. You always want to have about half an inch of empty space in front of the tip of your toe. This will keep your feet from swelling.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced snowboarder, comfortable boots are crucial to a good day of snowboarding, because the boots control your board and protect your ankles from twists and torque.

Flow Rival Focus Boot is a winner in comfort and performance. With Boa System lacing you can lace up within seconds, without taking off your gloves.



Bindings are what attach you to your board. Bindings come in different sizes, and depend on the boots you use.

The most commonly purchased bindings are strap snowboard bindings, because they are easy to get on and off, and also the most affordable.

However there are a couple of different binding styles that you can choose from.


Snowboarding clothing

Staying warm on the mountain is crucial! The ideal way to prepare is to dress in layers. Dressing in layers makes it so you can adapt to weather changes more easily.

Layers help you stay warm in low temperatures and allow you to get rid of clothing if you find yourself overheating.

The base layer and the second layer need to keep you warm and draw the moisture away. This is to keep you dry. You will need a thermal body shirt and underwear, as well as a fleece sweater.

Socks are another part of the base layer. Always go for specialized snowboarding socks because of their unique features to keep you warm, comfortable and padded against hard impacts.

Pants and jackets

Snowboarding Shell Cargo Pant

The outer layer, including your pants and jacket, represents the barrier between you and the environment. It protects you from wind and snow and has to be breathable.

While snowboarding you find yourself wetting your behind, your knees and your elbows, a lot. This is why you should always go for waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket.

Today you have a variety of pants and jackets to choose from. It is important for the jacket to be lightweight, waterproof and windproof.

If you are a girl, you can try the Burton Women’s Method Snowboard Jacket which comes with 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation around the core. When it comes to pants, guys can never go wrong with Bonfire’s Wallace Pant and the wide range of colors to choose from.


Snowboarding protection

Aside from the essential snowboarding gear such as snowboarding equipment and clothing, you also have to buy good gloves, goggles and a helmet to keep you protected from bad weather and falls.


Gloves keep your hands from freezing. Don’t try to save money on gloves because wet and frozen fingers can ruin a wonderful day of snowboarding.


Goggles are used to protect your eyes from the cold wind, snow and UV rays. Wearing goggles improves your overall snowboarding experience.

Wear goggles so you don’t have to worry if the weather is windy or snowy, or if others come in front and spray snow in your face.



Snowboarding Helmet

A helmet is not mandatory, but it is better that you wear one to protect your head from falls on hard snow and ice.

You don’t want to cause brain or neck injuries while snowboarding.


All in all snowboarding can be an expensive sport, but after you start doing it you will feel addicted and wanting for more.

In order to snowboard like the pros you need to have the best snowboarding gear suitable to your style. So, go and get yourself some snowboarding gear and have fun while enjoying the fresh snow.