A Camping Trip

A Camping TripEnjoy your time with the wonders of nature, set off on a camping trip. Winter or summer camping is getting more popular as a fun leisure activity that is healthy and oh, so free. Rest and recharge your energy surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The wilderness and wonders of nature during the day and the twinkling of stars at night is indeed a great escape from the daily stress of life.

Camping Is Fun

You can camp on a mountain or by the seaside. Just a backpack and a camping tarp for a solo

getaway or a family camping tent for 10 people for an exciting family adventure at a campsite.

A large family camping tent with separate sleeping rooms are popular among larger families or groups. Camping makes great bonding time with family members in a fun and happy environment.

Most camping sites are equipped with the comforts of home such as tap water, public restrooms and sometimes internet access!

For the more adventurous, hiking up the woods or mountains offer a more scenic but challenging experience.

Sleeping in the mountains surrounded by nature, listening to the sound of rushing mountain water flowing down the slope as well as the silence of the wilderness for some quiet reflection add to the camping appeal.

Pack an ultralight backpacking tent for a solo getaway and come back recharged.

For harsher conditions such as under extreme cold, heat, rain, snow and wind, quality adventure Tentipi Nordic tents might just be your answer to an unforgettable camping expedition.


If you love the sight and smell of the wilderness but can’t do without the comforts of home sweet home, then the more glamorous camping or glamping would be most appealing. You can still enjoy the great outdoors with these glamping trips that come with luxurious physical comforts.

Glamping resorts offer you a stay in the tree house, yurt, safari tent, cotton canvas tent, traditional style tipis, campervans etc.

Some of the top notched luxuries include a comfortable bed, heated bathroom floors, carpeted floors, 24 hour security, butler services etc. Certain places even come with private flush toilet facility!

You do not have to rough it out pitching the tent, starting the campfire or even cooking your meal.

Or if you think camping is more enjoyable if it comes with pitching your own luxurious tent, then the heavy duty cotton canvas, waterproof and mold resistant Dream House Outdoor All Season Heavy Duty Shade Pinnacle Glamping Tent or the oxford polyester  HIMALAYA Yurt Tent for 8-12 Persons would be worth checking out.

What To Bring On A Camping Trip?

Very Basic Necessities – Lightweight Camping Gear

Sleep Time

Obviously, you’ll need a family camping tent, lightweight hiking or backpacking tent, or if really simple, at least a tarp to provide shelter for the night.

Or you prefer the more luxury camping tents with air conditioning fitted for a warm summer night. The Ozark Trail 12 person cabin tent comes with an oversized ground vent that can fit an air conditioner.

Sleeping bags with your favorite pillow and blanket if you insist but if hiking up mountain might necessitate a lighter load to carry. A self-inflatable camping pillow would be a good idea.


Solo Stove Lite - Compact Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

Solo Stove Lite – Compact Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

Campfire can be so fun and romantic. But don’t forget the camping cookware, portable camping stove, disposable plates and bowls and matches or lighter and most important, the food.

Ready to eat camping foodstuff  such as easy-to-open canned food, biscuits, fruits, chocolate, bread, energy bars act as a quick source of food when cooking is not possible.

Water bottle to hold some boiled water is essential to keep hydrated.

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is also a good recommendation. This water filter allows you to drink straight from the river or stream and is able to remove 99.9% of waterborne bacteria as well as 99.9% of protozoan parasites without the need of chlorine, iodine or any chemicals.

Camping Clothes

A pair or two of good hiking shoes/boots (mountain trails can be slippery), clean underwear, T-shirts, sleeping clothes, pants or jeans and a sweatshirt or waterproof jacket for the unexpected rain or cold.

A personal touch

Your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and comb.

Don’t forget the extra batteries, bug/mosquitoe repellant, sunscreen lotion, simple first aid kit, torchlight, candles, lantern etc.

Of course, camping with family will need a whole lot more gadgets and gear.

Surviving in the wild sums up an exciting camping trip in the mountains. You are now refreshed and ready to face the stress of every day life!

Video by Andrew Skurka, “Ultimate Hiking Gear & Skills Clinic”

He is described by National Geographic as “one of the best traveled and fastest hikers on the planet,” and named “Adventurer of the Year” by Outside and “Person of the Year” by Backpacker